Nail polish comes in thousands of colors, and choosing the right color can be baffling and daunting because of this. But a girl, however big her collection of nail polish is, should have at least five must-have colors. These are basic nail polish colors that will be great for any occasions, seasons and events.

Must Have Nail Polish Colors 2011 for Great Nail Art

Must Have Nail Polish Colors 2011 for Great Nail Art

Classic Red Nail Polish
Red is a universal and ageless nail polish color. It‘s a perfect color for everyday wear, both for casual and formal affair. On no account will it go out of style.

Pretty Pink Nail Polish
Pink nail polish is ultra feminine and is very popular with women of all ages. Pink is a great color this summer and will being out the beautiful tan after a day on the beach or even under the sun lamp.

Neutral Shades of Nail Polish
Neutral shades are your perfect choice for that conservative look in a conventional workplace or when attending an interview. Neutral shades are also the best compliment to this summer’s trendy make-up, that natural and a barely-there look.

Mystifying Dark Colors
Black, purple, blue or brown nail polish are the nail polish color for fall season and winter because of the warmth the colors impart. There are other darker shades of nail polish that you can choose from. The selection is endless choose dark colors that you like best.

Mood Colors

Surely there are colors that make you happy and colors that give you the doldrums. Every girl should have at least one nail polish color that lifts her spirit, it could be orange, yellow, even metallic gold or a trendy nail polish that will give you pleasure.
The secret to choosing the ideal nail polish color is to find the shade that will look great with you skin’s tone. Take note also that nail polish color looks different in a bottle than it does on your nails. Before buying the nail polish color, try to find an image of a nail painted with your desired color. there are plenty of these images on the web.